We Can Represent You in Probate and Help You Administer an Estate

Probate is the court proceeding in which the court is asked to approve the decedent’s Last Will and Testament and formally appoint the executor. Willis. B. Carman, of Carman, Callahan & Ingham, LLP, has the experience necessary to effectively navigate this process.

Our probate services include:

  • Probate proceedings

  • Assistance with estate administration

  • Revocable trusts to avoid probate

  • Asset distribution and gifting

Contact us today for probate services or to avoid probate.

Case study

A recalcitrant heir refused to cooperate with the executor so a process server was needed to serve him with legal papers. The heir repeatedly avoided the process server. We successfully persuaded the court to permit an alternate method of serving the uncooperative heir. The executor was quickly appointed and able to administer the estate. 

Takeaway: Having an experienced attorney can help the client get past unforeseen roadblocks.