Business Law

Business Law

We Can Help You with Your Business Needs

Creating, buying, or selling a business can be a complicated process, and a single mistake can prove costly. Willis B. Carman of Carman, Callahan & Ingham, LLP, has the knowledge and expertise to ensure that your business needs are handled in the most thorough and efficient way possible.

Our business purchase and sale services include:

  • Creating a corporation

  • Creating a limited liability company (LLC)

  • Notary public services

  • Commercial property purchases

  • Commercial property sales

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Case study

Our client came in for a consultation. During our meeting, the client revealed he owned 8 residential rental properties in his own name. If any of his tenants or their guests suffered a serious injury at one of these rental properties, all the client’s personal assets, including his home, would have been at risk. 

We developed a plan which established several limited liability companies (LLCs), and transferred the rental properties into those LLCs. The client retained full control over the properties, but his home and other personal assets were protected from liability. 

Takeaway: If you operate a business or are thinking of forming a business, proper planning can limit your risk of liability and protect your personal assets.