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Concentrating in Elder Law, Estate Planning, and Real Estate

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Protecting Your Business, Your Assets, Your Family, and You

When you need comprehensive legal services, you need Willis B. Carman of Carman, Callahan & Ingham LLP. For elder law, estate planning, and real estate, you need knowledgeable, dedicated professionals on your side. We've been serving Farmingdale, NY for over 80 years.

As family members age, they need your help more than ever. Let us make sure you're doing everything possible to care for them and protect what they have.

You've spent your life building a portfolio, but you need to make sure it's handled right in the future. It might be time to designate power of attorney.

Real estate is far different from other forms of assets. If you need help navigating the endless and confusing real estate laws, you need to contact us.

If your family members, either aging or infants, are dependent on you for their care, then

Willis B. Carman of Carman, Callahan & Ingham LLP can lend a helping hand.

Assisting the Elderly

Planning Your Estate

Protecting Property

Legal Guardianship

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